Our Story

Sheila, Sita, and Sonia – 3 very talented and enterprising women from different walks of life, came together one afternoon and, over lunch, discussed some of the lessons 2020 taught them. The discussion led to them pooling their strengths and passions, to work together, as a team, to build something new in the challenging F&B industry in order to provide the best to the Malaysian consumers.

Sheila was in the IT industry for 25 years, and switched, by sheer chance, into the F&B Industry, first taking up a full time Cordon Bleu Patisserie course in early 2011, and then opening up a café, For Goodness Cakes, in KL in mid-2014. She bakes mostly breads and classic old-fashioned cakes, but experimented to reduce sugar, without affecting the texture of the cakes she bakes. Many of her customers were vegan so she built up quite a selection of vegan cakes, which are going to be incorporated into this new venture.

Sita has been in the F & B industry for 7 years. She is a vegetarian who is currently embracing veganism and feels strongly about environmental issues. She has a passion for both baking and cooking, and has experience creating unique and exciting menus as the previous owner of Barracks Café, Cameron Highlands and the current owner of The Mossy Forest Café, Cameron Highlands. She is already well into the R&D necessary to get things rolling in this new venture.

Sonia is a born Business Woman. She comes from a long-line of business owners, who have taught her how to ‘sell ice to the Eskimos’, from a very young age. She loves to network and look for opportunities wherever she goes. She is well known in the gift and premium industry, and her company, KRYASH Sdn. Bhd., supplies merchandising to most major corporate companies in Malaysia. So even before the three of them put their heads together she had already identified an unexploited market, and decided to look into solutions to meet the needs of pure vegans and vegetarians.

It has to be acknowledged that teamwork and collaborations are EXTREMELY important and exceptionally useful for seeding new businesses that are relevant to today’s times!

Veganism is a growing trend not just in Asia but globally. Many people who have switched to this lifestyle often find it challenging to get a variety of good bakes, and they just don’t have the time to experiment in the kitchen. VickedGood promises to offer a complete list of carefully produced artisan, affordable, and wholesome cakes, breads, spreads, dips, cheeses, yogurts, and other ‘goodies’ that are not easily found under ‘1 roof’.

The idea of opening up a production facility and central bakery was born in November, 2020. VickedGood officially started operations in March, 2021.

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VickedGood’s goal is to produce high-quality, tasty, and nutritious vegan products. We want to broaden the options for those pursuing a partial or full-time vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, at affordable prices. As well as wholesale a long list of baked and raw ingredients to restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets, and any other industry that could benefit from VickedGood’s products.

Our mission is for VickedGood is to be the leading vegan production facility and central bakery in South East Asia.